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Songwriting. Musicianship. Creativity. Leadership. Music Directing. Worship Leading.

Unlimited, on-demand courses and content designed to help you create impactful worship that brings people closer to God.

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A growing library of classes taught by some of the top voices in Worship and Creativity for your entire church as part of our collaboration with CCLI.

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Get instant, on-demand access. 30 day guarantee, no questions asked.

Get instant, on-demand access.
30 day guarantee, no questions asked.

Grow your teams and ministry simultaneously.

Develop Your Teams

Learn new skills, understand difficult concepts, and lead your teams through a creative development pathway specifically for Churches.

Renew Your Expressions

As you apply what you’ve learned, you’ll have the renewed mindset going into how you create, write, and execute the goals you have for your worship and creative departments.

Grow Your Ministry

With a clear pathway forward and the development your team has needed, you can begin focusing again on taking part in growing your church, and ministry, as a whole.

Trusted by churches around the world.

Originally serving worship leaders and creatives around the World, CREATR has partnered with CCLI to bring the same development and teachings to the Global Church.
Incorporating countless years of experience and expertise to your membership, we believe together we can elevate and inspire the global expression of worship in every church in the World.

Available for any church, any size, any budget.

1-24 Members

Average Church Attendance

$84 billed annually

25-99 Members

Average Church Attendance

$180/billed annually

100-199 Members

Average Church Attendance

$312/billed annually

The process is simple.

Sign your church up for CREATR

Learn from industry-leading creatives

Grow your impact in the local church and in your world

The process is simple.


No matter the size of church/team/ministry, we’re ready to welcome you to the CREATR family and get you moving in the right direction.


With a vast and growing library of content, you’ll have no problem finding the right course, lesson, or even direction to take you and your team.


As you learn, refine, and renew your sense of Worship, we believe your creative and worship teams can be integral in the growth of your church.

What's Included...

Unlimited Access
Stream anywhere with on-demand access to our growing library of video lessons.
Guided Studies
Accelerate team learning with guided studies that are designed to help you grow faster and smarter.
Digital Workbooks
Reinforce both individual and team learning better than ever before with workbooks for every course.


CREATR is a subscription video platform for church creative and ministry teams, filled with content designed to help develop and grow your church’s worship and creativity. 


Our videos include finely crafted teachings and conversations from some of the leading voices in the Church today, from songwriting to worship leading, and so much more to come. Watch and learn from anywhere, at any time, on your phone or computer.

With your church’s subscription to CREATR, you and anyone in your entire church will get unlimited access to the growing library of content. Content filled with impactful teaching through courses, classes & conversations. 

Courses include 5-10 video lessons, each about 10 minutes long, and come with beautifully designed digital workbooks.


Classes are single-episode lessons, around 15 minutes in total, aimed at providing theological teachings for creatives.


Conversations are intimate, candid conversations between our ‘CREATR’S’ designed to give you a unique view of their perspectives, processes, and practices.

All content inside of CREATR is delivered digitally via our membership portal, which is easy to access, simple to use, and completely mobile-friendly. You can learn anytime, anywhere via your computer, or logging in on your phone.

Pricing & Payments
The cost for CREATR varies on your church’s needs. We’ve created a login-based tier system to help you decide which price point works best for you and the number of logins you need. *No contracts or plans, you can cancel at any time, with a 30-day guarantee.


  • Tier AH (1-24 logins): $7/month ($84/annually)
  • Tier A (25-99 logins): $15/month ($180/annually)
  • Tier B (100-199 logins): $26/month ($312/annually)
  • Tier C: (200-499 logins): $35/month ($420/annually)
  • Tier D: (500-999 logins): $49/month ($568/annually)
  • Tier E: (1,000-1,499 logins): $60/month ($720/annually)
  • Tier F: (1,500-2,999 logins): $74/month ($888/annually)
  • Tier G: (3,000-4,999 logins): $82/month ($984/annually)
  • Tier H: (5,000+ logins): $126/month ($1,512/annually)

We hope you’re going to love CREATR as much as we loved creating and serving you through this content. But, if you’re not loving CREATR like you thought you would, you can email us within 30 days of the date you purchased your subscription for a full refund.

If you would like to cancel your subscription, you can do so on your own through your account settings page. Please bear in mind that there are no partial refunds for any unused parts of your Creatr subscription. 


We would love it if you left us a comment as to why you’re choosing to opt-out, so that we can continue to grow and serve our customers better. We’re sad to see you go, and hope to see you again soon!